Just Today

Just Today

Eternal God,

Thank you for being the great God that You are!  You are
amazing in Your love and compassion.  Your kindness toward me is so
wonderful and undeserved.

God, grant me peace today.  Calm the chaos in my mind
and allow me to ponder who You are. 

The wind and the rain remind me of Your great care for
my world and the sun shines Your light in my heart.  You created a
beautiful world, full of wonder and mystery.  I can’t believe all the
colors and sounds You’ve provided for my enjoyment.

God, just today, give me the ability to set aside my
busy life and focus on Your goodness.  Just today, oh God, provide a
window of tranquility in my heart so I can clearly see You.  Open my
eyes to Your greatness.  Give me the strength to boldly approach
where You are in the heavens.  Just today, whisper Your peace into my
heart.  Let me know You stand close by.  Put Your arm around me and
walk with me.  Keep me in Your shadow, tucked safely under your arm.

Help me move toward You today, oh God,  in all that I do
and say that You might be glorified and lifted up.  You are worth
great praise and worship!

I come before you because of the power in the name of
Your Son, Jesus.

Thank you, God, for being my God, and for being the God
who is God.


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