Lead Me

Lead Me

Eternal God,

Let me see You as more than a shepherd.  I don’t want to
follow as an obligation, but as an opportunity to be lead by You.
Teach me Your voice and give me wisdom to know it is You who speaks.
Guide me, oh God, move me out of Your way.

Thank you, God, for seeing who I could be even before
You created Your universe.  You knew my name when I had no name and
had a plan for my life before time began.  Lead me and show me what
Your will is for my life.

Today lead me, oh God.  I fall down in Your presence and
worship Your wonder.  Thank you God for loving me when I was
unlovable.  You saw potential in my defective self and rescued me
with Your love.

Lead me, my shepherd, to the field of service for Your
kingdom.  Give me the ability to show others the wonder of Your love.
Lead me in Your will.  Show me how I can contribute to spreading
Your light in our darken world.  Use me to shine Your Son to chase
out the darkness that surrounds us.  Make my life an example for
others to see You.  Lead me, my God, in all I do that it may point to

I come before you because of the power in the name of
Your Son, Jesus.

Thank you, God, for being my God, and for being the God
who is God.


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