Just Some Poems…

I just wrote these two poems a few weeks back. I know the inspiration could have only come from God. The first, Love’s Whisper, is about a person lost in the desperation of this fallen world until he recognizes the whispers of God at the door of his heart. The second, Dreaming Eden, is just how I pictured the original creation before the tarnish of sin and how God’s Light and Glory was even more beautiful than all of that.



Time ticks ever by

One lonely soul exhales a sigh

Simply evaporates into the sky

Yet still heard by Him on high


A weary heart leaks a tear

Seasoned by a crippling fear

But God beckons ever so near

And Jesus counts him oh so dear


Callused feet crunch upon smoothened stones

Resounding with the ache inside his bones

The consuming pain no one knows

Devouring grief steadily grows


The wind taunts, making the feet sway

Giants jeer, driving them from God’s way

A worn mind unraveling in an endless fray

Looking for where its burden now to lay


A finite being pitted against nothing less

Than cursed cosmos blended into a mess

Wandering to where? He cannot guess

Tempted and tried, wounded at best


Shredded and torn by the world without mercy

Willing to surrender all to be free

Convicted by the thought, “How can one love me?”

A creature abandoned and abused, searching desperately


Upon God’s ears his yearnings feather like dew

His heart floods with love all anew

Whispering at the door, “My son, must I woo?

Don’t you feel My fierce love burning for you?”


“For months will come and months will go

But My love for you will always glow

The rushing tide of passion shall never slow

Desire for you pulses in an unceasing flow.”


“Indeed, I have seen all that you ever did

But my love from you I never hid

With My Son’s life for yours had I bid

Now all your sins forever have I rid.”


The tortured soul at last sees His light

The piercing sun shattering the darkest night

The world cowered and resisted with all its might

But in God’s hands all was held tight


The fragile heart finally could rise

It cast all hurts and fears aside

No more oppressed by devilish lies

The fork-tongued one exiled, tossed outside


A mortal man saved by unmerited grace

For in his life compassion laced

Now he seeks to follow the Lord’s ways

Earnestly serving all of his days


God’s child triumphed at last, you see

Thanks to His love and healing mercy

No matter how beaten and bruised you may be

With God you can conquer victoriously!




Dreaming Eden 

I close my eyes, just a blink

But no, I’m swept away

Into a sea of darkness

This is the land of dreams


Black is washed away

Cleansing green replaces

Swirls and bubbles erupt

Into visions of crisp grasses


Browns and mottled oranges

Spring and dance before my eyes

Soon the crystallize into trees

Creating what’s only found in dreams


My own world sprouts to life

Blue trickles by in a shimmer

Comes at me from all sides

Before dropping to embrace the stones


Wings flutter by me

Tiny feathers kiss my cheeks

Birds flit all about

Landing in my world to sing


Stripes and patches zoom

Barks and hisses and neighs

All of creation has seemed to join

In my own land of dreams


Shards of cloud criss-cross the sky

The sun twinkles a smile

The moon turns its face to laugh

As singing stars join the harmony


A man stumbles into sight

His feet glide among the ferns

Soon he tumbles into his own sleep

I wonder if he is dreaming too


A woman emerges from the trees

She drops from wrinkled branches

Her feet grace the ground

And pitter-patter to greet her partner


A bright light explodes

All else blended, camouflaged

Glory so pure, so blinding

True beauty above all creation


Surely this dream is not my own

My imagination too limited

For I did not create the world

I am only an inhabitant


I am not its dreamer

Nor is it a dream

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