Speak to Me

Speak to Me

Eternal God,

Thank you for being my friend and allowing me to be your
child.     That You would consider me worthy of any investment of
Your love is amazing. 

Allow me to find time and room to be at peace so You can
speak to me.  Make me still.  Let me know in some small way that You
are here with me now.  Speak to me today.  Put somebody on my mind
that needs Your love.  Give me to courage to call them and let them
know You are the answer to their cares.

Speak to me, Oh God, in the quiet of my mind.  Relieve
me of the many distractions that keep me from focusing on You.  Speak
to me with the beauty of Your world, the smell of Your rain, and the
warmth of Your sun. 

Speak to me today, my God, through the beauty of some
song that points to You and who You are.  Give some talented person
the words You would speak to me.  Put Your words upon my heart and
mind.  Let me know that You will speak to me.

God, You are worthy of great praise!

I come before you because of the power in the name of
Your Son, Jesus.

Thank you, God, for being my God, and for being the God
who is God.


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