The most amazing woman in the Bible? – BigJon’s Opinion

Step back…. I might hurt somebody’s feelings.  Heresy, you say!

The most amazing woman in the Bible was…..Peter’s wife!  Many years ago I wrote in my Bible, What kind of woman was Peter’s wife?  I’ve pondered this for a long time.

Here’s what happened —- Peter’s comes home from meeting Jesus, following an introduction from his brother, Andrew, and tells his wife that he has met the Messiah.  He tells her that he must follow the Messiah in his travels and tells her good luck with the household, the children, the animals, and the neighbors…..

And she says, “Go! Everything will be fine here!”

What kind of woman was Peter’s wife to show that kind of support?  In today’s society, can we even imagine that level of courage and understanding?  She was truly the woman behind the man! 

But then again there was Rahab…..

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