How is your journey?

This simple question has been on my mind recently.  Almost everybody I meet is so busy trying to live out the day, I think we all have forgotten life is a journey.  I know it is certainly true for me!

Here is a poem I wrote recently called, “The Journey.”

Who walks alone on this journey?

Who speaks to no one but silence?

Is there hope for tomorrow’s dawn?

I am one man against unseen many!

Some tears are unstoppable-

Some hearts will never mend-

Some words won’t be heard.

The journey is the destination:

The good and the bad,

The happy and the sad,

Just part of the path.

All life moving toward death.

I choose life at full speed,

No shadows for me!

Who walks alone on this journey?

I am one man against unseen many.

After these few years,

I have much to do!

The rose seems redder in some small way,

Passed a dollar to a stranger today.

Smiles are prettier than yesterday.

Who walks alone on this journey?

Is there hope to fix past wrongs?

Today is a new day

And it’s a great journey!



The best part of the journey is peace from knowing who Christ is.  We all have daily struggles called LIFE.  The same pain and hurt hits us all.  But have you ever seen joy in the mist of pain?

Jesus is the joy of the journey.  He never promised comfort, warmth, and wealth but He did say we will have joy in the journey.  I am grateful for a God who loved us enough to offer joy in our Earthly journey. 

Christ is amazing!  How is your journey?

About BigJon

Just a humble, middle-aged guy trying to understand who Christ is and thankful for 1 Cor 15:10!
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