More than thankful

Life is so busy.  Everyday runs into the next and the next.  Soon a week, then a month, and a year has passed by.  The routines in our lives make the time pass even quicker.  Our fast paced lives enable us to forget to be thankful for the little things we enjoy.

Grace woke me up this morning.  For that, I’m thankful.  I ate the breakfast of my chosing.  For that, also, I’m thankful.  I drove to work in a car I own.  I am thankful for that.  I could go on and on…..

Jesus gave a beautiful example of being thankful in the the story of the ten lepers.  You might remember He instructed them to go to the temple and present themselves to the priest.  On the way, they were miraclously cured of their leprcy.  One of the ten came back to tell Jesus ‘Thank You.’

Jesus asked the one of came back, “Were there not ten who were healed?”

Today would be a great day to start thinking of the many things you have to be thankful for.  Try finding a person that you need to show graditude to and tell them thank you.  I have started a list of twenty people I want to thank for all they do for me.  It probably should fifty…..



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Just a humble, middle-aged guy trying to understand who Christ is and thankful for 1 Cor 15:10!
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