Just a little faith?

Faith is a mystery. Simply defined as the belief in the unseen, unheard, and unwitnessed. Some people have faith and most of us don’t. I don’t have great faith. Something as big as faith is hard to get my intellectual mind around. Faith is better understood and grasped by children.

But there is hope for those of us who are weak in faith — “If you don’t have great faith, have faith in a great God!” So that’s what I claim. Little faith on my own but faith in a great God.

I like it this way. It keeps my humble and more focused on who God is and less concerned about what I might be able to do on my own. If I had more faith, I might be running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to be busy just to be busy.

Just a little faith leads to a great God and a great God leads to everything!

How big is a mustard seed?????

About BigJon

Just a humble, middle-aged guy trying to understand who Christ is and thankful for 1 Cor 15:10!
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