Four Qualities of Love

Love is like jello.  It is hard to describe.  Perhaps a liquid or a soild, or neither.  Jello has movement yet doesn’t move….

One definition I heard to describe love was “the pain you feel when you are not with somebody you want to be with.”  Love is complicated, not just in terms of describing what it is or isn’t, but in terms of just getting your arms around the whole concept (or feeling).

The Bible says there are four qualities to describe love:

Beareth all things — Believeth all things — Hopeth all things — Endureth all things (1 Corth 13:7)

Bear, believe, hope, and endure — those are powerful words!  Love sometimes must be tested to guage it’s strength.  The young often see love as something easy and without struggle.  Love, as you know, has consequences.

If you have ever loved somebody, you have felt the pain of lost love.  Sometimes this pain is from the death of a loved one or caused by the ending of a relationship.  To love somebody means there will be pain involved.  It is just unavoidable.

Jesus loved us so much that He was willing to Bear, Believe, Hope, and Endure all things for our sake.  He knew the heavy burden he would have to Bear on our behalf and that that burden would lead to the cross!  He was willing to Endure all suffering to redeem sinful man.  He had the Hope of the Father that man could be restored to a right relationship with Him.

Grace is amazing.  Love is amazing.  We can’t understand grace any more than we can understand love.  Understanding who Christ is makes love easier to understand.

I stand amazed at Christ’s love!

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Just a humble, middle-aged guy trying to understand who Christ is and thankful for 1 Cor 15:10!
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