Just One Day

How important is just one day?  What is wrong with wasting just a day here and there?

Recently I heard a great analogy of how important one day can be.  For a fifty year-old person, they have less than 1,500 Wednesdays (or any other day you pick) statistically left in their lives.  Imagine filling a one gallon pickle jar with standard sized marbels.  The jar will hold about 1,500 marbels.

For each day of the week you pick, imagine taking a marbel out of the jar.  At first, not much noticable change.  After a while, however, you start to see some space at the top of the jar and after a couple of years you notice the level dropping quicker and quicker.

Every day is truly important.  Time is important.  Most people have no idea what they want to accomplish this month: read a book, finish a project, make a call, etc.  One day rolls into the next and soon the month is gone.

Yesterday I accomplished nothing!  Sadly, that day is gone forever.  Today is almost over and I’ve yet to have a measurable accomplishment for the day.  Time marches on and slows down for nobody.

Ecclesiates 3:1-8 mentions time twenty-nine different times.  I read those verses today and realized life is just a season, a very brief season.  Recently I spoke to a elder client of mine, perhaps in his mid-eighties.  As I often do, I asked what he would do different if he found himself being forty-five again.  He said, “I would make each day more memorable and get done the many things I always wanted to do.”   When asked about his regrets, he said he had always wanted to sing in the church chior but never thought his voice was as good as the other members.  He also said he always wanted to take a car trip across country.

My point is this — today may be Just One Day but it can be important in accomplishing the big dream you’ve always had.  Don’t wait until you are too old.  God says there is a season for everything!  What will you get done today?

Carpe Diem (latin for Seize the Day)!

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Just a humble, middle-aged guy trying to understand who Christ is and thankful for 1 Cor 15:10!
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