Is your church driving you crazy?

The music has changed.  It’s too loud and they sing new fluff music instead of the old traditional standards.  And, there’s drums and screaming bass guitars. 

But wait! Now we have screens which show movie clips, and each Bible verse as the preacher reads it.  We don’t even have to bring our Bibles on Sunday anymore!  We just read the screen or from our iphone….

And there’s more!  People drinking coffee during the service or maybe a bottled water.  Then there is the guy wearing blue jeans and a sports jersey!  What would God think?

I hear these complaints all the time.  People tell me their church is driving them crazy and they aren’t happy.

My response?  Let’s don’t get so caught up in the method that we completely forget the message.  Anything that takes us outside our comfort zone makes us unhappy.  If the method changes in how we worship God, we are unhappy.  Sadly, we often forget that Jesus is the message and the method is not really relevant.

Look at the example of Jesus at the well.  He didn’t wait to speak to the Samaritan woman until he was in church, properly dressed with tithe in hand.  He met her at her point of need.  Christ never was distracted by the method and always stayed true to the message.

Next Sunday as I sit in church, I want to be focused on the message, Jesus Christ.  The building, the music, the things I like and don’t like are all just part of the method.  I don’t want to be distracted by the method of church.  I want to see the message of Christ.

If your church is driving you crazy, perhaps you need to come back to the Message.  True joy is found in being consumed by the Messanger and His message.  Enjoy church because of the message and you’ll be blessed!

Christ is the Message!

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Just a humble, middle-aged guy trying to understand who Christ is and thankful for 1 Cor 15:10!
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