Different but the Same!

Have you ever seen somebody that really looks different from you?  For somebody like me, conservative dressing and short hair, I notice people who are on the fringe as far as looks.

Today I was waiting in line at the post office.  As ususal, about twenty people in front of me.  Perhaps I should have brought a bagged lunch….  Anyway, there is a guy standing behind me.  Wow! Did he look different!  He was covered head to toe with tattoos, even on his bald head and face!

I was at the moment of truth — Do I talk to him or ignore him?  So, I turned to him and asked which of his tattoos hurt the most.  Surprisingly, he was very soft spoken and well spoken.  He started pointing out different ones and telling me which ones were his favorite and which ones really hurt when he got them.  Then he shows me a tattoo on his neck that read, “John 11:25-26.”  As we talked, I kept trying to remember this verse so I could get back to my office and look it up.

Finally, it was my turn at the counter and as I stepped forward He said, “Have a blessed day.”  As I walked out of the post office I started thinking about how we all are so different but the same.  He looked different than I did, probably lived a little different, but at the same time, we both are the same — sinners covered by grace.

John 11:25 says Jesus said unto her, “I am the resurrection and the life, he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: (26) And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.  Believeth thou this?”

I’ve learned a great lesson.  We are all different but still the same.  What a joy that Christ loves us so much that even with our differences we can still find a place in Him!

About BigJon

Just a humble, middle-aged guy trying to understand who Christ is and thankful for 1 Cor 15:10!
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